The grooming process can be confusing and quite scary to pets.  Visiting a vet for grooming can raise a pet's stress level and agitate an animal. We take care to make your pet's experience as comfortable as possible.  Supplies are used that avoid harsh chemicals and not only are the best for your pet, but also easy on our environment. 
If your animal has any special skincare needs or other areas of concern, please let us know so we can address these issues. Special skin-sensitive shampoos and treatments can be used as needed. In our full-service facility, we give your furry family members only the best care and attention to meet their grooming needs. All EarthWise Pet grooming services are performed efficiently by qualified pet-oriented professionals. Any breed or size is welcome (ask your local store for any exceptions).

Coat Care

  • Shampoo and conditioning
  • Clipping fur away from coat and eyes
  • Towel-dry and coat fluffing with air dryer
  • Shaving excess fur between paw pads
  • Soft combing and coat brushing
  • Breed styling by request
  • Skin and coat treatments

Other Grooming Needs

  • Trimming overgrown nails
  • Ear cleaning, removing any waxy buildup
  • Teeth brushing for plaque and bad breath
  • Anal gland expression
Your pet deserves to look just as good as you do. Trust our caring service for all your grooming needs. At EarthWise Pet, we value your pets and treat them as if they are part of our own family.